About Mighty Peace Pet Cremation


Our primary goal is to help you through troubled times by picking up or offering a place to bring your animal companion for cremation. Veterinarian, general home and emergency home pickup is available. We charge $0.50 cents per km from Fairview, but rates may differ when animals are being picked up from a veterinarian clinic.

If you require assistance please call Jack. Hillie and Jorden are also available to assist. If we miss your call, please leave a voicemail. We will call back, weekends and evenings included.


Same people, same service, new location as of May 20 2021.

Jack & Hillie De Jong
5655–5999 Township Road 814
Fairview AB T0H 1L0

If you require assistance please call:
Jack’s Cell:  780-251-0248
Hillie’s Cell:  780-251-0288
Home Phone: 

Email: mightypeacepetcremation@gmail.com

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